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CommzGate Cloud SMS provides the most comprehensive features and tools to help you leverage SMS and Push Messaging for your business, website and applications.

CommzGate Web Portal

Full-featured Web Portal

CommzGate Web Portal contains all the features you need for your business to carry out mobile messaging, including priority-sending and multi-user sub-accounts.

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CommzGate Cloud API

Simple, Secure Cloud API

Our Cloud API is based on simple HTTPS parameter-based POST/GET requests to easily integrate your applications to the CommzGate Cloud.

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CommzGate Direct-to-Telco Connection

Direct-to-Telco™ Tier-1 Zero-Hop Network

CommzGate uses Tier-1 Zero-Hop direct-link connections to SingTel, M1, Starhub and TPG's SMSC systems for performance and reliability that cannot be achieved by cheap overseas providers.

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MACH Push Messaing

Integrated Free Push Messaging

MACH is our push-messaging platform that allows you to send free messages via CommzGate Cloud while working seamlessly with SMS functions.

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Professional Expert Support

Professional Support direct from our developers

When you contact us for support, you will speak with the developers that build the CommzGate platform, not some overseas call center staff reading from a script.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing, No Gimmicks

Our pricing is clear and we deliver what we say you will get. No hidden charges, no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors.

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Get Compliant with "Do-Not-Call" rules

Since 2 January 2014, the DNC Registry in Singapore came into effect. CommzGate is committed to helping our customers get compliant with DNC rules, including optional DNC Registry look-up services (additional charges apply).

Use our built-in utilities for automatically inserting <ADV> tags and managing SMS unsubscribes. Mobile numbers that have unsubscribed will not receive messages from you for your subsequent broadcasts.

Contact us now for more details and DNC look-up rates!

CommzGate @ Work

Governments and businesses trust our Cloud SMS Gateway to deliver high-performance SMS and Push Messages. Build customer relationships, update staff and members or simply SMS-enable your own software applications.

CommzGate enables more effective messaging for the Singapore government, KONE, SMRT Taxis, LTA, MPA, A*STAR, MDIS, Ascendas, PacificLight Power, Old Mutual International‎, the Esplanade, Abbott, Caterpillar, Heineken, and thousands more businesses.

"..we have been using your services for about 3 years now, and we have been very satisfied with your services." - Bosch Singapore

Test our Reliability!

Test our Direct-to-Telco™ connection (for Singapore local SMS only).

Include country code. eg. 6512345678

You should receive the message within seconds.

To receive this test message as free Push Message, download the CommzGate PushBox App for iOS or Android.

CommzGate PushBox App for iPhone
CommzGate PushBox App for Android


Our SMS Delivery Guarantee

Our Cloud service delivers SMS messages by connecting directly to each of the Singapore Telcos (SingTel, M1 and StarHub).

Using this architecture, SMS delivery is guaranteed and the highest possible throughput performance is achieved. We work directly from each Telco's network team to guarantee you the delivery of your SMS. (mobile device assumed turned on and within coverage)

7 Questions to ask your SMS provider

The SMS provider industry is beset with many providers that offer cheap but unreliable messaging routes. Their customers are often initially attracted by their apparently low message prices but ultimately end up wasting much precious time and resource to learn that messages are often delivered late, or not at all.

The unreliability stems from the fact that the messages are being delivered from dubious foreign SMS sources in faraway countries. Many such providers are resellers that often go broke and their customers are left with worthless message credits. Many CommzGate users are such customers coming from these bad experiences.

Does your company own and operate your own SMS network and service infrastructure?

Do you own and operate your own direct connections to the respective Mobile Operators that ultimately deliver the SMS message to the intended mobile recipient?

Do you also design and operate all the related service software and hardware behind the service you offer?

If a problem should occur to my message delivery, will you have the access to contact the recipient's home Mobile Operator directly to resolve the problem?

CommzGate connects to SingTel, StarHub, MobileOne and TPG's SMS network directly via secure connection equipment. Each message sent and receive via CommzGate is individually accountable and backed by the respective Mobile Operator.

The systems running our service are designed and engineered based on more than a decade's experience in the industry, and from working with some of the largest Mobile operators in the region.

How long has your company been providing SMS services?

SMS resellers testing the market for the first time are often here this year and gone the next. You need to select a provider that will be here today, and many years after.

CommzGate has been in business since 2001 and growing every year! We hold a Service Provider license from IMDA and have a EPPU S6 qualification from the Singapore Government.

Who are some of your reference customers?

A provider's customer reference list gives a good indication about the standard and quality of service that you will receive as a customer. Ask your provider who their existing ACTIVE customers and what these customers actually do with their service.

CommzGate serves brand names like Honda, Sony, Caterpillar, Shell, and government agencies such as MINDEF and LTA. These organizations often have a vigorous vendor selection process that will result in only the best-value provider being selected.

Can you provide a 5-digit shortcode to receive incoming SMS and SMS replies?

The ability to provide a 5-digit shortcode for you to both send and receive SMS messages is proof that the provider owns and operate their own network infrastructure.

CommzGate operates more than one hundred 5-digit shortcodes for uses ranging from SMS Marketing to mission-critical enterprise usage. You can test our common 73333 shortcode immediately with our Quick Demo

Do you have a dedicated support team to help me should I encounter problems?

Does the provider know intimately about the technical workings behind the service he is providing and hence will be able to solve any reported problems expediently?

We take great pride in our ability to provide solid technical support manned by the same people who designed and are operating the CommzGate service. No problem reported by our users goes unresolved to complete satisfaction and in the greatest speed.

Are you able to provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Privacy or Confidentiality Agreement?

Will the provider be able to guarantee contractually and in writing that their service will be accessible and operational more than 99.5% of the time in a year?

Will they also be able to guarantee in writing regarding the confidentiality of the mobile number data that passes through their service as a result of you using their systems?

CommzGate utilizes best-in-class server technologies (such as auto-scaling, clustering, automated monitoring and self-recovery) to be able to offer contractual SLAs to our corporate customers, to whom this is a huge criteria.

Because we own and operate our SMS service infrastructure, we are also able to provide NDA contracts with our customers to guarantee that any data that passes through our systems will never be re-sold or used by another third party.

Do you have any alternative messaging technology that can help reduce my SMS messaging cost?

Does the provider have a next-generation messaging technology that can help save SMS messaging cost yet complement your existing usage requirement?

We designed and developed MACH, a Push-Messaging technology for smartphones that works seamlessly with our Web Portal and Cloud API. Find out more about MACH.

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